Denis Do(2017)

Feature Animation | 90 min | Original version : French

Synopsis :

Phnom Penh. 1975. Chou leads an enchanted life.
Yet one morning, her world falls apart. The Khmer Rouge madness plunges Cambodia into a period of horror. The population is deported to camps. Austere. Devoid of any humanity.
Famine, executions and fear become permanent. Chou’s life, like thousands of others, becomes one of suffering. Barbarity. Ripping her humaneness apart. Confronting her with the pain of powerlessness.
She’s riddled with guilt. Because she can’t protect her own. Because she lets her son be snatched from her by a fleeing crowd, shoved forward by soldiers.
Chou is devastated. Heartbroken. But she forces herself to believe.
But how does one keep believing when life is denied, destroyed? How does one fight back when those closest, one by one, fall to pieces? How does one resist the pull to just give up? And let oneself slide towards ending all suffering?
How does one continue being a mother when the human condition is taken away?

Written by

  • Denis Do
  • Magali Pouzol
  • Elise Trinh

Produced by

  • Serge Lalou
  • Sébastien Onomo
  • David Grumbach
  • Annemie Degryse