Just the Three of us

Just the Three of us

Renaud Bertrand(2010)

Feature Film | 90 min | Original version : French

Synopsis :

1972. It is in the year 1972, Sebastien aged 10 and a half is a sensitive child with an over-active imagination who is highly aware of the frustrations and interior solitude his love-deprived mother suffers. One evening while reading a magazine, he is stuck by a revelation, a flash of lightening - Queen Elizabeth II. From that day onwards, his whole life changes. He creates an imaginary world in which hisq mother becomes "The Queen" and wonderful, magnificient and totally happy.


  • Emmanuelle BĂ©art
  • Jacques Gamblin

Produced by

  • Fabio Conversi
  • David Grumbach
  • Paul Thiltges