Robber Girls

Robber Girls

Jacques Molitor(2010)

Short Film | 19 min | Original version : French

Synopsis :

Set some time in the undeterminable past: Emily is sent to work and live in the Sovereign’s castle. She manages to escape into the woods, where she meets some lively hookers. Together they become «Robber Girls» taking a stand and fighting the patriarchy. Mix Robin Hood with voluptous burlesque pleasure, add a colourful cast of grotesque deviants, and you get a lusciously gripping coming-of-age fable in a post-feminist society.


  • Nina Bühlmann
  • Myriam Muller
  • Sabine Timoteo
  • Thierry Van Werveke

Produced by

  • Tunje Berns
  • David Grumbach
  • Paul Thiltges