Sunny's Time Now

Sunny's Time Now

Antoine Prum(2015)

Documentary | 108 min | Original version : Luxembourgish

Synopsis :

Antoine Prum’s documentary feature Sunny’s time now is a vibrant homage to an uncompromising artist, American avant-garde jazz drummer Sunny Murray, arguably one of the most influential figures of the historic free jazz scene... Featuring a series of interviews with key time witnesses (Val Wilmer, Cecil Taylor, Tony Bevan, Bobby Few, Sonny Simmons, François Tusques a.o.) and extensive concert footage, the film adopts a European point of view to reassess the complex relationships between the libertarian music movement and the political climate of an era whose revolutionary echoes still resonate today. Sunny’s time now also dwells on the near clandestine community of aficionados who continue to worship the gods of their musical coming of age, and whose resolute support has permitted free improvisational music - of which Murray is one of the last Mohicans - to live on.


  • Tony Bevan
  • Daniel Caux
  • Delfeil de Ton
  • Bobby Few

Produced by

  • Stéphane Bubel
  • Paul Thiltges